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Welcome into a new Artistic Voyage!

After a cool spring, where my last newsletter had no events to announce and my deep longing to dance for others lingered, this edition comes as a refreshing surge of energy. With summer on the horizon, promising warmer days, I find myself ready to step into a season filled with creative engagements and new beginnings. Join me as I leave behind a quiet interlude and dance into a season of lively artistic expression.


Introducing Artistic Voyage by Laura Gary

I’m thrilled to launch Artistic Voyage, an initiative that brings together all my creative endeavors under one roof. This new chapter marks a period of exciting growth and new opportunities.

New Collaboration and Open Studio Day at Tanzwerk Werder

Expanding Online with Patreon

Personal Sessions for All Ages

I am starting to offer personalised sessions using Body-Mind Centering® practice, meditation and improvisation tailored to each individual’s needs, from babies to the elderly. These sessions are designed to explore the body’s poetic and expressive potential and of course bring more awareness into movement of daily life.

New Website Collaboration


Deepening My Practice

I’m excited to continue my journey with Body-Mind Centering®. Thanks to a recent grant, I will be able to join in the Practitioner program in Spain with Movimiento Atlas, enriching both my skills and the experiences I offer in classes and sessions.
This grant is part of a vaster education project, together with fabrik Potsdam we have conceptualised a project named Cultivating Resilience and Inclusion: Somatic and Mindful Learning Pathways for Adults in Brandenburg, more will come soon.

Support always Welcome

Navigating the financial aspects of these endeavours continues to be a challenge. Any support you can provide would be deeply appreciated, whether through attending workshops, donating, or sharing my work with others. You are welcome to contact me and  see if something is possible, there are still some years to come to stabilise this situation.


MAY 6 – 10, 2024 | Choreography for Democracy and Tolerance

MAY 21 – JUNE 2, 2024 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2024

JUNE 22 – 26, 2024 | ‘Alice im Wunderland, oder ‘Wer ist Alice?, Gala Performances

This June, four choreographies from the groups I teach the all year will be performed at the Jugendkunstschule Neuruppin for our  ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed gala. Representations will take place on June 22, 25, and 26, for the large audience and for schools.


Board member of Tanzinitiative Brandenburg

I am proud to have been elected in the “Vorstand” of the newly formed Tanzinitiative Brandenburg this month. Together with Sabine Chwalisz, Sven Till, Annika Stadler, Golde Grunske, Martin Stiefermann and Eva Burghardt, we have been elected as a pack, all previous actors of the initial core group. This role reflects our commitment to local dance community and empowers us to help shape the future of dance in our region.
Photo credit: Christiane Schleifenbaum

Thanks for reading… and see you soon

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